McNamara opens up about 1986 World Series

There was no blister, Oil Can was too drunk to pitch, and John McNamara didn’t lift Bill Buckner for a guy he calls, “Shakey.”

The New York Times’ Tyler Kepner has a preview of Wednesday’s MLB Network special about the 1986 postseason, and speaks to the former Red Sox manager, who opened up about his part in the epic ’86 postseason. In the special, McNamara refutes any possibility that Roger Clemens was removed from Game 6 of the World Series vs. the Mets due to a blister. There was no blister, he said, just the start of a paper cut. Clemens, as the hurler has long denied, simply told him, “That’s all I can pitch.”


“I don’t lie,” McNamara, now 79, says emphatically in the special.

McNamara also confirms that Oil Can Boyd was too drunk to pitch Game 7, and defends his failure to replace Buckner with Dave Stapleton in Game 6, revealing that the latter’s nickname was, “Shakey.”

“Buckner was the best first baseman I had,” McNamara says on the show. “And Dave Stapleton has taken enough shots at me since that he didn’t get in that ballgame, but Dave Stapleton’s nickname was Shakey. And you know what that implies. I didn’t want him playing first base to end that game, and it was not any sentimental thing that I had for Billy Buck.”

Should be good TV.

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