Colts-Patriots prediction roundup

So, who’s going to pick the Colts? If you said nobody, you’re…

This week’s picks

Peter King, Sports Illustrated: Patriots 31, Colts 9. “Orlovsky-Brady. That’s a fair fight.” staff: Patriots across the board.

CBS Sports staff: Patriots across the board.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: Patriots 29, Colts 17. “Remember when this was a game we couldn’t wait to see? Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady? Now it’s Dan Orlovsky vs. Brady. That’s bad for the Colts. The Patriots have problems on defense, but I’m not sure that matters against Orlovsky. So why do I think this is tighter than expected? Patriots have a letdown after beating the Jets and Eagles.”


Vinne Iyer, The Sporting News: Patriots 45, Colts 10. “Of the all games in Indianapolis’ 0-11 season, this one hurts the most without Peyton Manning. In the past, we’ve seen classic duels between Manning and Tom Brady on the biggest stage. This edition, however, is about how badly Brady and the Patriots will beat up a reeling, winless team. If you thought new Colts defensive coordinator Mike Murphy will have a nightmare trying to play to contain Brady, new Colts starting QB Dan Orlovsky has a tougher challenge in trying to keep up with Brady.”

Mike Florio, Patriots 42, Colts 13. “Once the greatest non-division rivalry in the NFL, the absence ofPeyton Manning has made this one a stinker. The fact that the Colts haven’t won a game this year doesn’t help matters.”

Gregg Rosenthal, Patriots 38, Colts 17. “Dan Orlovsky has awful luck, becoming the Colts starter just in time to face back-to-back AFC powerhouses on the road. (The Colts head to Baltimore next week.) I think Orlovsky will avoid going down in 0-16 infamy again, but in a week where the Colts can compete. Bill Belichick is going to enjoy this one.”

Greg Cote, Miami Herald: Patriots 28, Colts 10. “There are games I’d less rather watch, but no others present the potential for unbridled, cartoonishly outlandish lopsidedness. A 20-point spread!? What is this, Alabama-FAU? Winless Indy fired its defensive coordinator and is lifting QB Dan Orlovsky from a crate of mothballs for his first career start since December 2008. Hey, how much worse can he be? Patriots probably could win by 45 if they chose, and might, but I’m hunching that Bill Belichick will be actively coaching to not embarrass an opponent that, with Peyton Manning, had been something of a nemesis for the Pats. Might even be an early rest for Dimples Brady and a fair dose of Brian Hoyer handing off. At least that’s what this pick is hoping.”


Peter Schrager, Patriots 33, Colts 14. “The Patriots are 21-point favorites over the Colts on Sunday. According to my guy R.J. Bell at, all nine teams that have been 20-point favorites in NFL history have won those games straight up. The biggest favorite to ever lose a game straight up? In 1995, the Cowboys were favored by 17.5 points over the Redskins in a Week 14 game and lost. That can’t and won’t happen, here. Dan Orlovsky simply won’t let it.”

Philip B. Wilson, Indy Star: Patriots.

Globe Staff: Patriots across the board. (Pats by 20)

It says here: The bravado and certainty surrounding this game has me a little concerned.

But not much. 


Patriots 52, Colts 3.

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