Turning water into (barley) wine


Clearly it must taste like swill, until it packs a late punch of flavor at the very end.

Yes, a Colorado brewing company – no, the other one – has announced that it is hopping on the Tim Tebow bandwagon by announcing the debut “Tebrew.” 

Expect Schmaltz Brewring, the makers of “He’Brew,” to sue at any given moment.

Nevertheless, Bonfire Brewing describes the “Tebrew Sunday Sipper” as a barleywine, and has waited until the last minute to serve it up – in glasses only – at its location in Golden. No bottles will be sold.

But would Tebow approve of alcohol created in his name?


“He may not,” the brewery posted on its Facebook page, “as we’ve heard he isn’t a beer drinker…but we’re all hoping to toast a victory this weekend! Hope it helps send good vibes their way.”

Clearly there’s room for the likes of Blue Hills Brewery to counter by announcing the sale of 64-ounce “Gronklers,” right?

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