Glass houses in Vancouver?

Dirty hit? Yup. No doubt.

Brad Marchand received a five-game suspension yesterday from NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan following Saturday’s low hit on Vancouver’s Sami Salo. Deservedly so.

Yet, in the midst of the hue and cry leaking from the Pacific Northwest, the play reminds us of…something else.

Oh, right.

That’s Game 1 of last spring’s Stanley Cup Final, when Dan Hamhuis upended Milan Lucic, a hit labeled a “good, solid hip check,” by analyst Ed Olczyk..

David Krejci to the box. Of course.

For sure, they’re not identical situations, but close enough, and I didn’t hear Claude Julien calling for Hamhuis’ head after the incident like Alain Vigneault seemed to do yesterday with Marchand. Just another day for the gutless, hypocritical Vancouver Canucks. By now, what else would you expect?


Thanks to commenter “THR3ES” for reminding us of this play, also from last June. Look familiar?

Here are the hits side-by-side.

Also, here’s Keith Ballard in last year’s playoff series against San Jose.

We can understand your outrage, Vancouver.

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