Vancouver blogger: Boston fans uninformed

Here’s Vancouver Sun blogger Harrison Mooney on Saturday’s game and the “uninformed” Bruins crowd.

It’s not surprising that [Henrik Sedin] dislikes the Boston faithful. They can seem…uninformed. (Of course, when you consider where they get their information, you can’t blame ’em.) For example, Cory Schneider got the start in this game, but the crowd jeered Luongo five times. Ridiculous. Only once did they get it right, chanting “We Want Luongo,” proving that their relationship with him is akin to a kindergarten crush. They pick on him because they secretly like him.

Wow. Does Mooney really believe that the crowd thought Luongo was in net? I don’t know what to think. It’s either a lesson in the etiquette of taunting, or another desperate attempt to make Boston fans seem like uneducated neanderthals. I know we didn’t burn Causeway Street after the game, so maybe there is work to do before being considered true hockey fans. Sorry, Vancouver. 


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