Reggie Jackson on Jason Varitek: Who?

Mr. October thinks pretty highly of Mr. April, and apparently not so much of Jason Varitek.

In an interview with, Reggie Jackson took issue with Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine’s praise of the former Boston catcher upon his retirement last month, when Valentine listed that Varitek was “able to beat up Alex” among his career accomplishments.

Writes Andrew Marchand:

Upon rehearing that quote, Jackson pulled the pin on a verbal grenade and tossed it in Varitek’s unsuspecting direction.

“What’s Varitek’s first name?” Jackson asked.

It is Jason.

“They don’t ask that about Alex,” Jackson said, making his point clear and taking on the role as A-Rod’s designated press secretary.

“I had to ask you Jason Varitek’s first name. They don’t ask that about Alex. They are not going to ask that about Alex Rodriguez. You are going to know his first name and his last name. And besides it, there are going to be 2,000 ribbies, 700 home runs and whatever else he adds up to. He may have a negative in there, but love him or hate him, you cannot ignore him. I can’t put Varitek in that paragraph.”

The Sox take on the Yankees tonight for the first time in spring training, and the first time since 1998 without what’s his name.


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