Beatdown…and a beatdown at the Garden

Pound me once, shame on me…or something like that.

If you turned off last night’s 8-0 drubbing of the Toronto Maple Leafs once the score got to be 4-0, you likely missed Mike Komisarek’s dubious decision to go after Bruins forward Milan Lucic, a bout which turned out pretty much the same way it always have when these two fight.

Not to get too analytical about the whole thing, but that is what our hockey forefathers would have termed a beatdown.

Props to Puck Daddy for digging up the first fight between Lucic and Komisarek from back in November, 2008, a fisticuff matchup that ended with…yep, you guessed it.

“Mike Komisarek needs to stop fighting Milan Lucic, in keeping with the spirit of player safety here in 2012,” writes Greg Wyshynski.

Ya think?


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