Red Sox hit rock bottom with new CD

At what point do the Red Sox look themselves in the mirror and realize that they reek of embarrassment?

If it isn’t after the release of the Fenway Park 100-year commemorative anniversary CD, I’m not sure that moment will ever happen. To be released May 8, the CD features current Red Sox players demeaning showing off their singing talents, as well as the usual cast of characters like Ken Casey, Peter Gammons, Mike O’ Malley, Gary Cherone, and Nuno Bettencourt. Yup, it’s an Extreme reunion, hitting up the mikes with Daniel Bard for a rendition of the Cars’ “Let the Good Times Roll.” I kid you not.


The album opens with Kevin Millar doing his best to cover “Tessie,” a song that never should have come to modern times to begin with. The results are … well, awful. Things really get cooking when Jerry Remy tries to lend a hand to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” a song he sings with such pep that you can vividly imagine the gun Dr. Charles had to his head while he was recording. Yes, “Sweet Caroline” is here too, sung by Mark Salling and accompanied by Clay Buchholz, David Ortiz, Ryan Kalish, and Darnell McDonald. It actually makes you pine for Neil.

Samples of the album are available here. Proceed with caution.

Who exactly do the Sox think is dumb enough to buy this? According to the Red Sox’ website:  “This historic album is comprised of contemporary recordings of songs that are fan favorites traditionally heard at Fenway Park and associated with iconic Boston bands.”

Oh, it’s historic all right. And you say we get to hear this mess at Fenway from now on? Good grief, can somebody please deliver a cease and desist order over to Yawkey Way?

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