This prediction came up empty

One of the more impressive Boston sports streaks in recent memory fell apart last night.

No, the Red Sox and Celtics are just fine.

But Ron from Malden went from white-hot to stone cold.

Ron, the affable, frequent caller into The Sports Hub’s Felger and Mazz show had become something of a basketball prophet, nailing his predictions on the Celtics’ playoffs game-by-game with an accuracy that hinted at either his well-researched foray in “bookkeeping” or revived certain questions about the NBA’s legitimacy. Over/under, final score, you name it, Ron had the answer, nailing it each time the Celtics have taken the court this postseason.


Then came last night.

Maybe it was just a hiccup and not the end of an era, but perhaps it’s interesting to note that the first game Ron blew this postseason came following a call yesterday afternoon when he seemed to be fishing for a dedicated segment on the station. Did Ron get too cocky?

In any case, Ron based his prediction on last night’s game, a Celtics 101-85 win over the 76ers, on the presence of Avery Bradley, who sat out the game with a shoulder injury. If Avery was out, Ron predicted a high scoring affair with the 76ers possibly winning the game. Ron nailed the Celtics’ high score.

The 76ers, not so much.

Maybe Ron can rebound in time for tomorrow’s Game 6 in Philadelphia, but for one night, at least, the most interesting man in Malden came up empty.

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