Philadelphia columnist responds to KG by calling Boston racist

It was nice of John Mitchell to spend a whole 241 words to tackle such a serious topic. Well done.

In response to Kevin Garnett’s “controversial” statement that Philadelphia fans are “fair-weathered,” Mitchell, a writer for, decided to respond to such an innocuous statement by bringing up Boston’s embarrassing race history. This makes total sense, right? Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals certainly equates to racial inequality.

In a piece entitled, “KG: “fair-weathered” beats bigoted any day” Mitchell defends Philadelphia fans by calling Boston fans racist, bringing up last month’s unfortunate Joel Ward incident, Bill Russell’s difficulties in the city, and…no that’s it. Mitchell does raise the point of the racist Tweets that occurred during the Capitals-Rangers series though, and says…oh, wait, he doesn’t do that either.


“So my advice to you, KG, is that you’re better off winning this series,” Mitchell writes, the next one and then the next. Because if you let those stalwart fans down, who knows what they’ll unleash on you. We do know what they are capable of.”

This was written in Philadelphia, mind you, land of batteries and booing Santa Claus. 

That’s 196 words. Enough of this garbage. 

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