GQ names Valentine, Belichick two of 12 worst coaches in sports

Bobby Valentine’s BBWAA PR team isn’t going to like this. We’re sort of just used to it with Bill Belichick by now.

GQ Magazine recently named the Red Sox skipper and the Patriots coach two of the 12 worst coaches in sports, joining a list that includes Rex Ryan, Bobby Petrino, and Rick Pitino. Also today on GQ: “Newsflash: Allison Williams Has Arrived.” I have no idea.

Here’s what writer Brett Martin has to say about each:

Valentine: “Loves to cast doubts about the talent/physical and emotional preparedness
of his own roster/all of Western civilization. With a smirk. To any news outlet large or small.”


Belichick: “Actually, we could put this scowling, blond-TV-host-wooing, illegallyvideotaping- his-opponents control freak and future Hall of Famer in most categories on this list.”

Well, those are indeed compelling arguments. 

Of course, this is the same magazine that called Red Sox fans the second-worst in all of baseball last year, so take Mr. Martin’s list for what it’s worth. Putting Valentine and Belichick on a list that includes controversial figures like Joe Paterno and Sean Payton is akin to wearing brown loafers with an orange tie. 

I think.

H/T Fenway West

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