No respect for Valentine

We know one thing there won’t be a lot of tonight in Miami where the Red Sox and Marlins play the rubber game of a three-game series … respect.

In a Men’s Journal survey of 100 Major League players, Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen and Red Sox skipper Bobby Valentine were named two of the least respected managers in the game, garnering a combined, whopping 50 percent of the vote. And Valentine was second with only 14 percent. Ouch.

Even worse, Boston couldn’t crack the top three when it came to the question of which city had the most obnoxious fans. Philadelphia, San Francisco, and New York came out 1-2-3, respectively. Now, that’s just embarrassing.


A.J. Pierzynski was named the most hated player with 34 percent of the vote followed by Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher. Josh Beckett is relieved.

More results here. The issue comes out Friday.

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