Pool party for Clay Buchholz

While the rest of his teammates are in Seattle to begin a four-game series against the Mariners beginning tonight, Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz, on the 15-day disabled list with esophagitis, and fresh off a three-day hospital stay at Mass. General, spent last night at a Foxwoods pool party sponsored by Stoli Vodka.

According to WEEI’s Alex Speier, Buchholz did not drink at the charity event, which also featured a golf outing hosted by WAAF’s Greg Hill, but his appearance still speaks volumes about the pitcher’s immaturity and lack of perception.

Mind you, had Buchholz not swallowed chewing tobacco, taken too many Alleves, or whatever caused his bout of esophagitis, he was supposed to be on a Western-bound plane following yesterday’s 10-4 win over the Blue Jays. Instead, somewhere between Sunday, when he was placed on the DL, and Wednesday night, less than 24 hours after being released from the hospital, he agreed to take part in the event. It’s just as dumb for whomever asked him to travel 98 miles south as it was for Buchholz to attend. How did that conversation even go? “Hey, Clay, glad you haven’t had to eat from a tube since Monday. Wanna mingle tonight?” (Update: WEEI’s Lou Merloni reported that the Red Sox medical staff cleared Buchholz’s appearance. That might make it worse.) 


“It was real scary,” Buchholz said prior to yesterday’s game, “Whenever you got doctors telling you, ‘All right, come on over to my office and we’ll check you out,’ and you’re like, ‘I can’t get there, I can’t walk,’ it was pretty scary for about three days.

“They were trying to downplay it, but when you’re lying in an ICU, where I’m from, it usually means that stuff’s not going really well. Once I got out of there, the doctors were pretty up-front about it, saying it wasn’t really life-threatening at this point. They just had me in there to make sure that I wasn’t really losing any more blood.”


I get it. It sounds malevolent to complain about a guy attending something for charity, and if he didn’t drink, what’s the big deal? Good for Buchholz for showing his support.

But what an idiot.

Buchholz yesterday declined to put any timetable on a return, which you would think means that he’s not 100 percent yet. Sounds like a good night to kick back and watch Ryan Lochte do his thing on TV, but not actually hit the pool. What sort of reaction did he think he was going to get from fans, many who see no big deal, others who see this as just another in a long line of Red Sox pitcher indiscretions? Like nobody was going to find out?


“I’m sure I’m going to have to go in and do some more tests when the guys go on the road. We might know a little bit more from that,” Buchholz said.

From intensive care to Stoli fun. Meanwhile, his teammates are waking up with jetlag preparing to face Felix Hernandez tonight.

Good for Clay for lending his name to a worthy event for the Greg Hill Foundation, which helps the “immediate needs of families that had been touched by tragedy.” But whoever arranged his presence at the event, which continues today, has to be completely obtuse about the discernment over these Red Sox players. He or she is more to blame than Buchholz himself.

And so it goes with the Red Sox.

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