Patriots season a loss as Panthers guaranteed to win the Super Bowl

Training camp begins tomorrow for the New England Patriots. But there’s no hope. The Carolina Panthers are going to win the Super Bowl.


One can only imagine Bill Belichick’s volcanic reaction if one of his players pulled what Carolina Panthers center Ryan Kalil did in today’s editions of the Charlotte Observer.

Here’s the full-page ad Kalil paid for:


One hundred percent.

According to the Observer, “Kalil did not tell anyone with the team about the ad, because he didn’t want to be talked out of doing it.”

Well, that was, um…smart?

Never mind the fact that the Panthers finished last season 6-10, albeit with the promise of Cam Newton entering his second season. Maybe what Kalil is doing is little different than any media member picking the Patriots to go 16-0, 13,-3, or whatever. If that kind of confident swagger spills into his teammates and the fans, so be it.


But if that happened here? You just know there would be an apocalyptic reaction in a certain office down on Route 1.

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