Short hops

Sixteen thoughts, just because…

1. Haven’t had a chance to fully comment on the whole “Beckett-boo-Gate,” of a week ago, but let’s make this fully clear. Fenway was booing the underperforming, unlikable, cantankerous, and lazy pitcher in that moment, and not the fact that he was hurt. Good lord, the tweets coming from Beckett’s BBWAA PR firm high atop home plate that evening made it seem as if they were going to hold a vigil in the clubhouse later that night, complete with Jobu.

2. Marty Barrett is in the Red Sox Hall of Fame. All is right in the world.


3. The Patriots 16-0 talk is ridiculous, but not beyond comprehension. Still, this is the NFL, where we really do know nothing before Week 7, and most of the time even beyond. Ask the Packers. It’s about the first-round bye and then a crap shoot from there. A 19-0 season shuts up Shula and Co., but do Pats fans really want to go down that road again, with those tools omnipresent at every turn? We’ve had enough of Mercury.

4. Sign Franklin Morales for three years at cheap dollars now. I am a big-time believer.

5. Firing Bobby Valentine does nothing. This Red Sox franchise is in deep due to awful contracts awarded to questionable personalities, not to mention talents. Blame Theo? Ha. Look further. If anything, Epstein was the one trying to save things from the suffocating disaster that these clueless owners decided you wanted.

6. I enjoy Michelle Beadle’s on-screen presence, whether it was with her former ESPN gig or her current job for NBC. But her relentless, obnoxious Tweeting about Olympic winners last week while her parent company refused to acknowledge that we live in the year 2012 came off as unapologetic and snotty enough for a woman that has seemingly snapped up the company’s policy in record time.


7. It’s not a shock that Phish fans are incredible dorks about their favorite band (company, noted), but still, when NBC decided to show Michael Phelps’ swimming highlights last Tuesday night to “Tweezer Reprise,” it created an unexpected Twitter stir when the song trended worldwide. Of course, then NBC removed the song from its online version of the package, leading CNN’s Jarrett Bellini to declare, “Conspiracy!” He writes:

I eventually spoke to one executive who wasn’t really sure why the song was removed, but theorized what I was already assuming — that their licensing of the song didn’t include Internet use. It’s a completely fair and plausible explanation.

So in the end, maybe it all means nothing.

Maybe. Just maybe.

I would have gone with “Waves” anyway.

8. Just spent five days in the land of Mickey, where I always revel in studying T-shirts while in a queue to ride a 60-second attraction. In one of those such lines (the 90-minute Toy Story Experience), I decided to make note of any and all Red Sox T-shirts, normally a magnanimous presence wherever you might travel. I saw one. One. “Youkilis.”  Nation, indeed.

9. Says here we see David Ortiz in September.

10. Has anybody defended a former employee with more vigor and nonsense than Darren Rovell?

11. Sitting at breakfast Sunday morning in Florida, after the Twins had already taken three out of four from the Red Sox, the conversation at an adjacent table went like this: “I dunno, I think the Twins can still take the series.”

Ya Think?!

12. The New Orleans Saints are in town. There’s a joke there somewhere. Out of respect for one of the league’s classiest (and richest) guys, Drew Brees, we’ll refrain.

13. If you’re one of the four people not listening to “Toucher and Rich,” you’re doing it wrong.


14. Pineapple juice or orange juice? Discuss.

15. The recent Wally heist makes me want to hire Robert Redford to gather a team of mercenaries to break in and steal Carmine, “Sneakers” style.

16. Beckett is slated to start Wednesday. Bring rose petals. 

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