Some glaring numbers show Red Sox drop in popularity

Jeremy Jacobs is the second-most popular owner in Boston.

Strange times, indeed.

The Bruins’ recent success, of course, has improved the standing of their once-wildly unpopular owner, and according to data released this week from a survey by Channel Media & Market Research, Jacobs is second to only Bob Kraft in terms of popularity among Boston sports franchise owners, garnering 22 percent of the response when participants were asked which ownership they admired most for what it has done over the past five years. Bob Kraft was No. 1, with 38 percent of the vote, while Wyc Grousbeck and Steve Pagliuca were third with 19 percent.


John Henry and Co.? Twelve percent. Remember, this is a Red Sox franchise that won a World Series title five years ago. 

Clearly, that’s how bad the perception has gotten.

The survey was done last month with 7,236 New Englanders responding, 69 percent of whom were male. While most of the results confirmed that the Red Sox remain second in popularity to the Patriots, it’s clear that many respondents are fed up with the direction in which the team is headed.

When asked, “In the past five years, do you believe the Red Sox…”

“Are changing for the better…”

“Have pretty much stayed the same…”

“Are changing for the worse…”

A whopping 70 percent responded, changing for the worse.

It may be easy to dismiss the results as being a small sample size of millions of New Englanders (Larry Lucchino probably already has the letter to season ticket holder written blaming it as a media creation), but it’s a sure sign of a trend and a fall from grace, isn’t it? 

There’s a ton of responses to sift through, but it’s an interesting look at the state of the teams. Check out the entire report here.  

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