Red Sox fans have their team back

THIS is why we love baseball.

It’s the game, of course, but it’s much more than that. Only in this pastime do we experience such ingrained emotions that carry us into our daily lives. It’s nonstop water cooler talk that connects us like, with regrets, no other sport can fathom.

For better or worse, the Red Sox are our Red Sox once again. For the first time in years, there seems to be a plan, a seeming white flag raised by Larry Lucchino that says to Ben Cherington, “Go get em’ kid.”


No matter where you were Saturday, the deal was the topic du jour. Boston trading Nick Punto, Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, and…God Bless, Josh Beckett to the Dodgers was at the forefront of everybody’s weekend. The phrase “Whaddya think?” was probably uttered enough to be entered into Webster.


We’ll miss Gonzalez.

I guess.

Understood it’s cliché to say the San Diego native never fit in Boston or never really grasped the East Coast edge, but…well, the facts speak for themselves. The “Guys gotta eat, whether it be chicken or steak” quote alone spoke volumes about how clueless – or apathetic – the man was in his role in Boston. It was never about chicken and beer, only food for thought about what a disaster this team had become.

So, they’re gone. A majority of the whiny, enabled babies are gone.



Crawford never materialized here. Punto…yeah, him too

Boston, you have your baseball team back, albeit one that will have to wait, but based on the package in return, one that will encourage the masses to bear the “B.” Wear the hat. Don the sweatshirt. The playoffs may be a few years away, but make no mistake, today is a good day to be a Red Sox fan.

After all, it’s always been about the future here, hasn’t it? We pined for a title. We hope for the next, best thing, We dream about the next Ted, Yaz, or Rice.



Unfair as it may be, that’s the label on Rubby De La Rosa, a hard-throwing hurler who is the prize of this salary dump. If he is even 75 percent of that other former Dodgers prospect, we’re in for some fun, right? 

In the meantime, the Red Sox clubhouse has been rid of a not care, enabled attitude, one that infected every man on the roster. The team may be cheesy. They may be overbearing and overbearingly advertorial, but they’re yours. Again.

The fact that the Red Sox could make this deal is a testament to the Magic of the Dodgers, under new ownership and looking to make a serious splash. Could there have been a greater gift? When Dylan Hernandez suggested such a trade in the LA Times Friday morning, we scoffed. Heartily.

Never. Say. Never.

All of a sudden, we love LA. We love Chavez Ravine, Don Mattingly, Dodger Dogs, Hollywood, Disneyland, In N’ Out Burger, Roscoes’ Fried Chicken and Waffles, the hills, the sign, Ventura, peeling labels off a bottle of Bud, and more.

Baseball has always been a game when anything can happen. You think?

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