Playoff update

All MIAA semifinal games are Tuesday, Nov. 27. Sites and times will be announced Friday, Nov. 23 by the MIAA. Super Bowls for Divisions 1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A will be at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.

Division 1

Merrimack Valley Division 1 vs. Catholic Conference

Big Three vs. Bay State Carey

Division 1A

Greater Boston vs. CAL/NEC Division 1

Lincoln-Sudbury vs. Barnstable

Division 2

Tewksbury vs. Reading

Duxbury vs. Hockomock Kelley-Rex

Division 2A

CAL/NEC Division 2 vs. Burlington

Bay State Herget vs. Atlantic Coast

Division 3

Dual County Small vs. Tri-Valley Large

Hockomock Davenport vs. Pembroke

Division 3A

CAL/NEC Division 3 vs. CAL/NEC Division 4

Eastern Athletic vs. South Coast

Division 4

Catholic Central Large vs. Commonwealth Large

Millis/Hopedale vs. South Shore

Division 4A

Catholic Central Small vs. Commonwealth Small

Boston North vs. Mayflower Large

Division 5

(teams automatically advance to Division 5 Super Bowl)

Dorchester vs. Mayflower Small


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