Bobby V masters a new craft in Stamford


Here’s former Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine wearing a jester cap and rappelling down the Landmark Square Building in Stamford, Conn. today, along with Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, donning a dreadlocked Santa chapeau.

Hey, remember Bobby V?

It’s all in preparation for the city’s “Heights and Lights” festival on Sunday. Cashman, of course, has done this before (this will be his third time participating in the event). The only freefalling with minimal support Valentine is used to was having Larry Lucchino on his side as he led the Sox to a 69-win season in 2012.

“Practice gives you confidence, whether you’re hitting a baseball or rappelling down a building,” Valentine told The Stamford Daily Voice.



Good for Valentine. You can imagine his heart skipped a beat during the practice run, but that face looks as if he saw Alfredo Aceves’ reflection in one of the building windows.

Reuters Photos

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