Patriots-Jaguars prediction roundup

Hey, the Patriots and Jaguars play this weekend…..


That’s about all the analysis I can muster for this one-sider, so instead, here’s this guy wishing you well into the holiday season with his unique version of “Hallelujah.”

This week’s picks:

Globe staff: Yawn.

Peter King, Sports Illustrated: Patriots 40, Jaguars 12. “Next.” Guess.

Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News: Patriots 54, Jaguars 17. “So far, the reunion tour of former Dolphins QB Chad Henne through the AFC East produced three bad losses. Now Henne faces the division’s best team. After last week’s disappointing home loss to the 49ers, the Patriots will take out their frustrations on the Jaguars.”


Pete Prisco, CBS Patriots 38, Jaguars 13. “This will be ugly. The Patriots have to be angry after losing at home to the 49ers. And the Jaguars aren’t good on defense. Tom Brady will do what he wants when he wants. This will be repulsive for the Jaguars.”

CBS staff: Mike Freeman picks the Jags with the Pats getting 14 ½ points. Otherwise, business as usual.

Mike Florio, Patriots 41, Jaguars 14. “Five years ago, these two teams squared off in the playoffs. The closest the Jaguars ever get to returning comes from periodically losing to New England.”

Michael David Smith, Patriots 38, Jaguars 3. “The Patriots can’t be feeling good about themselves after Sunday night’s loss to the 49ers. They’ll take it out on the Jaguars in the day’s biggest blowout.”

USA Today staff: Ho-hum.

Yahoo! sports staff: Yup.

Peter Schrager, Patriots 38, Jaguars 14. “The last time the Patriots won a Super Bowl, it was played in Jacksonville. The last time the Jaguars played in the postseason, they fell to the Patriots in the Divisional Round. The last time I picked the Jaguars to win a game was forever ago. They’re not winning this one. The question, of course, isn’t whether Tom Brady will get the best of fellow Michigan alum Chad Henne — it’s by how much?”


It says here: Patriots 31, Jaguars 7. You should really check out his version of “The Final Countdown.”

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