Radio voice Steve Hyder leaves PawSox

Steve Hyder, a radio voice of the Pawtucket Red Sox for nine years, resigned last week but is working on a book detailing his experiences calling the Triple A team’s games.

“I did in nine years with the PawSox and 12 years overall, and it’s kind of lost its luster,” said Hyder. “I felt like I didn’t get the respect at McCoy Stadium that I’ve earned elsewhere. Wherever else I go, I’m treated pretty well. I just didn’t feel like the PawSox valued my services.”

The job as play-by-play voice of the PawSox is considered a stepping-stone to a big-league gig. Don Orsillo, Dave Jageler (Nationals), Dave Flemming (Giants), Andy Freed (Rays), and Dan Hoard (NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals) are among the former PawSox broadcasters who have risen to prominence.


Hyder, who was the No. 2 voice to Jageler, Freed, and Hoard and remained in the role when Aaron Goldsmith was hired before last season, admits there was frustration in the apparent stagnation.

“I’ve had some great partners over the years, super-talented. Last year, they hired a 28-year-old kid. I’ve got nothing bad to say about him, I don’t blame him for the decision, because I’d take the job if it was offered as he did. But to play second-fiddle again was kind of the last straw.”

Hyder said he had health problems in 2011 that he thought might have contributed to his wariness with his role. But he realized upon a return to full health that his frustration with his place in the hierarchy remained.

“You can only do so much when the handwriting is on the wall,” he said. “I’d be a dummy if I kept banging my head against the wall over and over again and doing the same thing. I have had a great time, you know, I’ve forged some tremendous relationships with players and managers with guys like Torey Lovullo and Ron Johnson and Buddy Bailey and Arnie Beyeler and guys like that, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to think a little bit about the future.”


While he figures out his next step, he will work on his book about his experiences with the PawSox. It already has a catchy working title: “The Real McCoy.”

“A lot of anecdotes about stuff that has happened over time, fun stuff with the players, and then I kept a very detailed diary of the 2012 season when they won the Governor’s Cup, so that’s what it will be all about,” he said. “I don’t think everybody is going to be quite happy with it, to be quite honest with you, but it will be my honest perspective, and it will be entertaining, I hope.”

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