Au revoir to ’12

This was the fifth year in the past decade in which Boston didn’t claim a championship.


It began with heartbreak in Indianapolis, where the Patriots choked away their second-straight Super Bowl. It didn’t get any better for the Bruins in April, when the defending Stanley Cup champs lost in seven games to the Washington Capitals in their first-round playoff matchup. A few weeks later, the Celtics gagged against LeBron James and the Heat, who went on to win the NBA title. Meanwhile, the Bobby Valentine experiment tossed one of Major League Baseball’s most storied franchises into new levels of embarrassment.


By all accounts, it was not a banner year for Boston sports.

The Cannons lost their only playoff game. The Revolution stunk.

Mike Napoli came and went. We think.


They cheered in Manhattan, San Francisco, Miami, and… at some point, Los Angeles. In Boston, there was little but angst and disappointment. The Celtics are an enigma, the Red Sox are in total disarray, and the Bruins are mixed in a web of greed that could ultimately ruin the NHL.

But yet, on the 10-year anniversary of the run that changed everything in this town, there are the constants, the New England Patriots, gunning for their fourth title in franchise history. They are a win and a pair of losses from being the top seed in the AFC, a prospect that seemed all but foolish after losing to the San Francisco 49ers.

It’s not going to happen though. Despite the emotional return of head coach Chuck Pagano, the Colts have little to play for, locked into their seeding. And can Kansas City really knock off the Denver Broncos?


Call it a hunch, but the Pats will get the No. 2 seed thanks to a shocking upset on Sunday. Two thousand and twelve ends on a high note so missing these past 12 months.


Bobby V came and went. Gisele got into it with a fan. Benoit Pouliot was Benoit Pouliot. Tim Thomas went off the deep end. We bid adieu to Kevin Youkilis and Ray Allen, and we said hello to Mike Napoli. Maybe.

We think.

No, it wasn’t the best year for Boston sports. But it was a great year all the same.

With tragedy comes a perspective we tend to lack all too often, and nothing could remind us of that fact more than what transpired nearly two weeks ago in Connecticut. Brady’s bad pass (or Welker’s drop, your call) means nothing. The Heat winning a title is really no big deal. And even Valentine, for all his buffoonery, was at the very least, entertaining.

We still have it good here. Even in the down years.

The coming weeks could bring a Super Bowl run, a revived Celtics squad, an NHL lockout resolution, and maybe, possibly, even Mike Napoli to Fort Myers.


Wait ‘til next year. Good things are on the horizon.

We think.

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