Glenn Ordway opens up about departure from WEEI

Before signing on to co-host WEEI’s “The Big Show” Wednesday, Glenn Ordway wrote on Twitter, “Ready for the most #honest radio show I’ve ever done.”

Ordway spent the opening minutes of the show confirming a Globe report that he was being fired by the station. Mike Salk, a Boston native who has co-hosted a program on 710 ESPN in Seattle since 2009, is being hired as Ordway’s replacement.

“They made a decision that they feel is in the best interest of the company, and they’re entitled to that,” said Ordway “It’s their decision, it’s not mine … It’s obvious that we are not getting the ratings that we need to get on this program.”


Ordway expressed disappointment with how the news broke and said he was hurt that word of his firing left the building in which he has worked since 1987. He said station director Jason Wolfe broke the news to him Tuesday night.

“You’re going to hear nothing negative about anybody here,” said Ordway. “If you’re looking for that, you’re not going to find it here.”

On why he wasn’t expressing more of his disappointment publicly, Ordway said, “I was there on Day One. I was a big part of starting all this, so I’m really fond of it.”

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