Meet Danny Amendola

Hey, welcome to New England, Danny Amendola. What’s that, you ask? Oh, no, nobody has a grudge against you. That’s only the overwhelming angst out there from losing fan favorite Wes Welker. We’re sure that you’ll fit in just fine here doing what he did over the course of six historic seasons. No pressure, just laying it out there.

But since fans are confused and angry over losing Welker – your fellow alum at Texas Tech, you know – we figured we’d give them a chance to meet you, a pleasant fellow who looks and runs sort of like … hmm, can’t really place a finger on that quite yet. We’ll get back to you.


Truly though, you have had some career on the field. When you’re on it. No, that’s not a shot, sir, not at all. It’s only a mere warning to the readers that not all of the following videos feature you exclusively on the field. Let’s get to meet you, shall we?

Perhaps your most famous YouTube clip is when you decided to spike the football right into some poor chap’s face …

…which, of course, reminds us of:

Beep. Beep.

Last summer you donned a helmet cam to give fans a first-person look at how you attack your craft. Cool stuff. Tougher than you think.


Oh, yeah, sorry to bring this up.

Meet Danny’s dog, Willy. Hi, Willy.

Your catch in 2010 against the Seahawks made all sorts of highlight reels. Of course, if you dropped that pass in New England, it’d probably be your fault. Ask Wes.

Now, this is not a nice man.

Ow, Danny!

The good ol’ days at Texas Tech

Remember this classic video from a few years back, when a runaway golf cart plowed through a crowd at Cowboys Stadium? Lo and behold, one of the fellas it runs over is your Dad, Willie Amendola, coach of Spring Dekaney High School. Six degrees, huh?


We’ll end things with a mambo, just because. Welcome to New England, Danny.

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