It’s an ad, ad world for Jaromir Jagr

Jaromir Jagr’s latest role may be savior of the Bruins’ power play woes (has a man-advantage that netted one shot on goal ever been as impressive as Boston’s first go-around with their new acquisition Thursday night against the Devils?), but in his homeland Czech Republic, he plays many roles for Sazka’s lottery campaign, including fire chief, pizza delivery guy, and Santa Claus. The above clip has to be the finest of the bunch, as a very happy Jaromir is hoodwinked into attending a birthday/bachelerotte party of some sort. Oh, Jaromir.

The pizza spot is a close second…


…as is his role as a super hero on the prowl.

They’re going to have to update this one with two new sweaters. It’s a pensive Jagr, though.

I’m not going to guess how much Jagr got paid for these 20 seconds of sleeping, but it’s probably worth every penny.

A very tired Santa.

More Saint Nick: Here’s Jagr dressed up as Santa in a commercial of good tidings overseas. Bonus points for the creepy-sounding narrator.

During his time with the Rangers, Jagr also lent his funny bone to some humorous spots in New York.

This kid never learns.

Your move, Boston ad agencies. We need more.

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