Postgame fun with John Tortorella

Oh, Brooksie.

Not that John Tortorella needs any introduction, but for those Bruins fans who may be arriving late to the party, let’s just say you’re in for an entertaining run here with the Rangers’ coach, whose postgame press conferences have become the stuff of legend in the hockey world. Whether it’s his heated exchanges with New York Post writer Larry Brooks (who fancies himself “funny”), or his chastising a beat reporter for asking him an open question, the Boston native is a mixture of Bill Belichick with a dash of Lee Elia for added spice.


Here’s Tortorella’s press conference following Sunday’s 1-0 win over the Capitals in Game 6. It’s a classic on par with the best of them. I wish I could end all my meetings like this.


It’s a rule, dummy.

No, he’s not talking about the Sedins, rather Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, the Penguins’ “two $#%^& stars.”

I don’t want to coach his team, but just shut up.

More Brooksie.

Here’s a particularly lengthy Tortorella press conference.

Here’s an even lengthier one.

No stupid questions!!

Tortorella on Joe Thornton. Big fan.

Sure, it’s be easier if the Bruins can wrap this up in four, but please let it go seven.

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