Red Sox-Cardinals World Series prediction roundup

Two years without a parade is too long.

I mean, we had to endure the three years between when the Celtics won in 2008 and the Bruins raised the “World Series Cup” in 2011. That was something we simply can’t endure again.

Whaddya say? Next week. Boylston Street?

I’ll buy lunch.

World Series picks:

Matt Pepin, Sports Editor: Red Sox in 7: The Red Sox tend to push things to their limit this season before coming out on top (see: 11 walk-offs), so I’m guessing the same will apply here.

Chad Finn, columnist: Red Sox in 6: World Series MVP Jacoby Ellsbury ends his Red Sox career in memorable fashion.


Obnoxious Boston Fan, Boston.Com Bespectacled Hack: Red Sox in 5: The Red Sox rotation and bullpen is just too powerful for Cardinals lineup [even with Clay Buchholz]. The Red Sox beat Detroit in six games scoring just 19 runs. If they start hitting, this thing might be over in three.

Steve Silva, sports producer: Red Sox in 6: Ain’t no stopping them now, they’ve been through too much to get here. And it’s only fitting they win it at home this time.

Gary Dzen, sports producer: Red Sox in 7: Xander Bogaerts becomes a major factor at the bottom of the order. Home field will be the difference.

Adam Kaufman, Sports Columnist: Red Sox in 6: You can’t ask for a better, more evenly-matched World Series. Both clubs have strong rotations, deep bullpens, balanced and relentless, pitch-taking lineups, good benches, solid defense, and lots of homegrown talent. There’s no lack of fandom, either. Best not to bet your life’s savings on the outcome. Boston batters likely won’t tag the St. Louis pen, as it did Detroit’s, so it’ll have to find a weakness on an imposing starting staff. Fortunately, the Sox have been awfully good at coming through in the face of adversity. Why should the World Series be any different?


Globe staff: Three out of four pick the Sox. From Dan Shaughnessy, who picks the Cardinals in seven: “No rings for John Henry. He’ll have to settle for Pulitzer Prizes.”

Michael Silverman, Boston Herald: Cardinals in seven. “Both managers are on postseason rolls, making mostly understandable and timely moves with their bullpens — their toughest job. Matheny has been blessed with starters who can go deep — his relievers went just 17 innings in six LCS games, while Farrell’s relievers went 21 innings. Farrell is not shy about going with a hot hand like Xander Bogaerts, and although his preference of Jonny Gomes instead of Daniel Nava is harder to
explain, he has a little more momentum going right now.” staff: Fifteen out of 27 pick the Red Sox.

Tom Verducci, Red Sox in seven. “This World Series abounds with possibilities. St. Louis may get back its best clutch hitter, Allen Craig, from a foot injury. Boston will lose either Napoli or David Ortiz from its lineup without the DH in the games at Busch Stadium. The loss of the DH helps explain why AL teams are 11-22 in NL parks in the World Series since 2001. The Red Sox have homefield advantage; over the past 30 years, AL teams have won 14 of 17 World Series when they held the homefield advantage. Boston rookie Xander Bogaerts, 21, who displaced Babe Ruth as the youngest Red Sox player to start a postseason game, is both preternaturally calm and talented, a combination that makes him reminiscent of Andruw Jones in 1996 or Miguel Cabrera in 2003.”


Sporting News: Three out of five pick the Cardinals. From Bill Chuck, who picks the Sox in seven: “The Cardinals have Michael Wacha, Adam Wainwright, Yadier Molina, Carlos Beltran, Matt Carpenter, Trevor Rosenthal, Allen Craig returning, and great, great fans. The Red Sox have Dustin Pedroia, Big Papi, Jacoby Ellsbury, Koji Uehara, professor John Farrell, a bunch of bearded boys having fun, and the devoted Red Sox Nation. The Redbirds have a strong bullpen and a great ability to hit with runners in scoring position. The Red Sox have a different hero every night. After looking the stats, tendencies, and probabilities, there is one element that is immeasurable: Red Sox magic.”

Bob Nightengale and Paul White, USA Today: Red Sox. “The Red Sox have seen more pitches than any other team this season. They pride themselves on working deep counts and eventually wearing down the opposing pitcher, no matter how good he is. They got Anibal Sanchez of the Tigers out of a no-hitter after six innings because of a pitch count. They won two ALCS games when they had been stifled for six innings by Detroit’s Max Scherzer, but turned around those games once they got to the bullpen. The Red Sox are fully confident they can win a battle of the bullpens with anyone and even more confident they’ll get the chance to face their opponents’ relievers.”

It says here: Sox in six. The Cardinals may be formidable, but you have to be nuts to bet against the Red Sox right now.

Get the duck boats ready.

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