The satisfaction these Red Sox deliver can’t be overstated

John Lackey can pitch the Boston Red Sox to the World Series title.

Think of the absurdity of that statement.

The Red Sox are one win away from their third title of the past decade, a status that would have had you laughed out of barrooms throughout New England had you made it back when Ray Bourque was hoisting the Cup for the Colorado Avalanche.

My God, what a ride.

This World Series between the Cardinals and Red Sox has been gripping, and simply makes one think of which has been the most satisfying of the eight titles Boston has cherished since Vinatieri split the uprights in New Orleans. Was it the Patriots winning the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history? The Red Sox breaking an 86-year “curse?” The Celtics going from sad sacks to champions? The Bruins beating up an entitled Canucks squad for their first Cup since 1972?


It’s a great debate, for sure, and while nothing can quite beat the feeling of the 2004 Red Sox’ World Series win, it’s still in the mix for the argument as to which one you’ll appreciate most.

I don’t know, maybe we’re just caught in the moment, but this wasn’t supposed to happen. As dramatic as the Bruins’ run was in 2011, they should have been there the year before, if not for…well, we won’t go there.

At the same time, the ’04 Sox should have been there in 2003, had it not been for that Boone fella. Oh, and Grady Little.

Actually, they would have been there if not specifically for Grady Little.

The Celtics? After the trades for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, would anything but at the very least an Eastern Conference final not have been a letdown? The ’07 Sox were a machine, as were the ’03 and ’04 Patriots.

No, you have to go back to the 2001 Patriots for this type of potential, unbridled joy. This is Dante Hicks territory that makes everything all the more surprising, elating, and just downright…well, fun.

The Red Sox can win the World Series on their home turf for the first time since 1918. As Ken Fangs pointed out Monday night, it could be the first time the franchise celebrates in Boston since the advent of television or radio.


Only the Celtics in this magnificent run have the boast that they got to celebrate a world title in front of their fans. If the Sox do it Wednesday or Thursday night, watch out.

It will be amongst the biggest parties this city has ever seen.

That’s not a suggestion for stupidity, as local colleges as prone to do during times of celebration during Boston titles, and it’s not like Czar Menino will allow such a fuss anyway by boarding up bar windows and cracking down on public gatherings. But it will be a party all the same.

One more. One more win and the Red Sox will deliver the World Series trophy at Fenway Park. And it’s John Lackey’s duty.

Up is down, right is left, and…oh, hell, just enjoy the ride.

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