RadioBDC: Mike Napoli belongs in Boston

I’m turning the intro to our RadioBBC segment over to host Adam 12 today, since he got it absolutely right:

Mike Napoli. Comes to Boston, helps the Red Sox win an improbable World Series, rides in the rolling rally, then wanders the streets of Boston shirtless. How do you not re-sign this guy?

Exactly. Two years, $26 million. Who says no? Listen to Adam, Steve Silva, and me talk about Napoli, the parade, and Bob Ryan’s Top 25 all-time Red Sox right here.

Also, here’s our chat with Adam from the morning after the clincher. You can hear the exhilaration and exhaustion in our voices. Mostly the former, I hope.


Finally, a podcast from another baseball country: I chatted with Sports On Earth’s Will Leitch, a faithful Cardinals fan, on his podcast last night about — you’ve got it — the World Series. That can be found here.

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