If Bruins want to host another outdoor game, forget Fenway and Gillette

If you attended the Winter Classic between the Bruins and Flyers at Fenway Park back in 2010, odds are that you probably sat somewhere that allowed a perspective of the ice better suited for a hovering blimp. Maybe Frozen Fenway works on a collegiate level, but for the NHL, it was almost universally seen as an expensive nuisance.

So, if the Bruins do indeed host another stadium game next season, odds are that it won’t be in the confines.

Dreger’s tweet led some to speculate that the Bruins and Canadiens could meet at Gillette Stadium next season, a site that would provide dramatically better views than Fenway would allow. Gillette’s capacity of 68,756 would better satisfy ticket demand than the Fenway Winter Classic, if not exactly provide the intimate outdoor atmosphere that the NHL should be shooting for with these novelties.


Then why not Harvard Stadium?

With a capacity of 30,323, the historic arena would hold almost as many as Fenway, and provide superior sight lines of the playing surface. Ice hockey has also been played there as early as 1904, and an outdoor game there in 2015 would deliver the marriage of yesteryear that the pond hockey throwback affairs are supposed to deliver. I mean, Dodger Stadium?

Of course, there would be this issue to deal with:

The Harvard bubble covers the playing surface from November until spring for winter workouts and spring sports practices. But according to the Harvard athletics web site, “The bubble takes approximately four hours to inflate once it’s anchored to the Stadium infrastructure.”

That’s not exactly a deal-breaker, nor is the cash the university would receive from the NHL should a game be played there.

Seems ideal, which means it’s probably unlikely.

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