Bobby Orr, the Bruins’ most recognizable pitchman, turns 66

Bobby Orr turns 66 on Thursday. Why isn’t this a Boston holiday?

One of the most recognizable faces in NHL history, the former Bruins Hall of Fame defenseman has had a long history as a corporate spokesperson, from credit cards to boots, to….well, more credit cards. When it comes to lending his face for an advertisement, he’s not exactly Peyton Manning, but he’s suitable in his own right.

Here are a few of Orr’s commercials from over the years:

Here’s a pretty cool Mastercard “priceless” commercial that debuted a few years back, depicting Orr’s multiple surgeries.

Buy nuts, win a car.

Hey, it was in the contract.

Please call Tom Silva next time.

BayBank, Bank of Boston, Fleet, whatever. Bobby Orr!

A bank card that works like a check? Mercy.

No goalie? Priceless.

And, of course…


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