Sunday Mail: How About An Adrian Beltre Sequel with the Red Sox? Unlikely, Yet Easy to Imagine


Trade idea!

I think we'd all be on board with this, right? Like, pretty close to unanimously among all registered Imaginary Trade Approval voters of Red Sox Nation?

Bring back Beltre! Right that wrong! Commence with the home runs from the knees and head-rubs that make him appear hilariously homicidal!

I'll stop with the exclamation points now!

It's just that, unlike the majority of trade proposals and player-acquisition suggestions that arrive at this address over the course of a season, it's at least somewhat feasible and very intriguing. And because my day job is obviously to come up with Giancarlo Stanton trade packages and find gainful employment for Stephen Drew, it's not a possibility I even considered.


To be honest, it's probably not a possibility at all. But the key word is probably -- I am saying there is a chance, Lloyd Christmas. A small chance. But a chance. It would require the confluence of specific circumstances, some more improbable than others. The Rangers, 20-23 with a minus-37 run differential and already pocked by a season's worth of injuries, would have to become sellers. That's possible, and Beltre, who is 35, justifiably expensive, and off to a slow start (.250/.311/.402 with three homers), would be atop the list of enticing targets for teams looking to pick the Rangers' carcass. He's also be expensive in more ways than one:

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