Gisele to Give World Cup Trophy to Winner Because She’s Brazilian (& She’s Gisele)


Gisele Bundchen will be giving the World Cup Trophy to the winner because current Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff is unpopular (protests have been raging for over a year), the supermodel’s Brazilian, and…she’s Gisele.

The Boston Globe reports that after spending a whopping $11 billion on the World Cup when “tens of millions of Brazilians are poor,’’ Rousseff is currently the subject of much ire.

So even though the trophy is usually given to the winners from the head of state of the host country, Brazil needed to find someone a little less, er, controversial.

Enter Bundchen.

The 5’11 bombshell, who is married to NFL quarterback Tom Brady, has been asked by FIFA to hand out the prize instead.


It makes sense because she’s Brazilian, powerful (she earned $42 million last year), and she’s just so pretty.

She’s also a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Environment Program and is on the board for the Rainforest Alliance, so she’s also a good person. We’re pretty pleased with the choice, and we’re guessing Brazil probably is too.

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