Poker Player Loses $1 Million in the Worst Way Possible

A player at the World Series of Poker, a tournament with a $1 million buy-in, was eliminated Tuesday night in the worst way possible.

Connor Drinan picked up pocket aces — a good place to start — but so too did his opponent, Cary Katz.

“Pocket aces is a favorite against every other hand in the deck except pocket aces,’’said the ESPN announcer. “They really should just dispense with the drama and get to the business of chopping this pot.’’

But they didn’t chop the pot, playing out a hand they had 98 percent odds of splitting. Except, of course, if one of the players gets a flush.

That’s exactly what happened, as Katz won the hand and Drinan was eliminated in the cruelest way possible. Drinan’s face says it all.

h/t USA Today


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