The New Ice Bucket Challenge: Don’t Buy This Lame Costume

We’re at the point of no return, folks.

While it’s hard to say the “Ice Bucket Challenge” has jumped the shark, based on all the good it has done in raising awareness – and contributions – for ALS, we have indeed hit a wall. Yes, according to the Today Show, has made sure to deliver us the most ludicrous concept that could possibly come out of the challenge that has dominated your Facebook wall this month.

Yet, here you go. The Ice Bucket Challenge Halloween costume.


It’s “totally real,” creator Johnathon Weeks, owner of the site, totally told the show. “If you order it, we will ship you one bucket, one tulle tunic with silver ice cube embellishments, and an ice cube tray.”

“Our content editor believes this entire charity is a form of ‘slacktivism’ that hasn’t been seen since the ‘Kony’ video,” said Weeks, referring to a 2012 viral video that just by clicking “like” or “retweet” people could help demand international governments intervene in Africa to stop a guerrilla group accused of using child soldiers. “He just thinks people are going online… and putting up a video and not donating.


Maybe the content editor lives in a box and hasn’t realized that the movement has helped raise some $31.5 million for ALS. Is there a “look at me” factor? Of course (see Mitt Romney’s entry). You going to argue with $30 million? Good of the content editor to create something for profit with the whole situation then.

The costumes run $39.99. Only $10 of that will go to the ALS Association. Please don’t tell me this lame contraption takes $30 to make. Make your own ice bucket costume if you so please for $10 and donate the $30 you pocket by not sending it to these clowns.

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