Jonathan Papelbon Appears on ‘College GameDay’ in True Papelbon Fashion

While no one will likely be able to top Katy Perry’s appearance on ESPN’s “College GameDay’’ last week – in which the singer threw corndogs into the crowd and then partied with Ole Miss fans after they took down Alabama – Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon sure did have himself a good time on Saturday on the campus of his alma mater, Mississippi State.

The former Red Sox closer and 2007 World Series champion visited the “GameDay’’ set on Saturday and joined the crew to make their picks for this weekend’s big games, sporting a maroon suit, bow tie, sunglasses, and cigar to mark the occasion, as seen in this Instagram photo from NFL Network’s Albert Breer:


Jonathan Papelbon, that is OUTSTANDING.

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Papelbon and show analysts Desmond Howard, Kirk Herbstreit, and Lee Corso picked their winners for Saturday’s biggest games, resulting in some cheers and some jeers from the Mississippi State fans gathered to watch the selections.

Notable picks made by the ex-Sox hurler included: No. 13 Georgia over No. 23 Missouri; LSU over Florida; No. 7 Alabama over Arkansas; No. 12 Oregon over No. 18 UCLA; No. 10 Arizona over USC; No. 11 Oklahoma over Texas; and No. 9 TCU over No. 5 Baylor.

Remaining loyal to his Bulldogs, Papelbon could not bring himself to pick rival Ole Miss, going with Texas A&M instead.

“You’d have to put me six feet under in a body bag before I ever pick Ole Miss for anything!’’ Papelbon said, much to the delight of the Mississippi State faithful.

In the premier matchup of the day, No. 2 Auburn at No. 3 Mississippi State, Papelbon took his Bulldogs in the final pick of the morning from the “GameDay’’ crew, pulling out a live Bulldog as the crowd behind the GameDay set went wild.

No word yet as to whether Papelbon will celebrate Katy Perry-style if State pulls off the victory over Auburn, but if his celebration history during the Red Sox’ run to the 2007 World Series serves as an indicator, one could guess he’ll be getting pretty rowdy with his fellow Bulldogs.

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