Patriots-Packers Classic is NFL’s Highest-Rated Regular-Season Game Since December 2011


Sunday’s Patriots-Packers matchup on CBS was one of the most anticipated games of the NFL season. It was also one of the most entertaining, with the host Packers hanging on for a 26-21 victory.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that it was the highest-rated game of the season on any network. But it’s somewhat surprising that it’s the highest-rated regular-season game in nearly three full seasons.

The game drew a 17.6 preliminary national household rating and a 32 share for CBS in the 4:25 p.m. window.

The 17.6 rating matches that of a Patriots-Broncos showdown on CBS on December 18, 2011 — which was in the middle of Tim Tebow-mania — and a Fox broadcast of a Giants-Packers game on December 4, 2011.


Patriots-Packers was watched by an average of 30.9 millions viewers. That makes it the most-watched regular-season game since November 4, 2007, when the Patriots’ victory over the Colts drew an average of 33.8 million viewers.

The game was the most-watched program in the Boston market for the week, drawing a 43.2 household rating and 66 share. That makes it one of the five most-watched regular-season Patriots games ever in the market.

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