Heating Up: This Robot is Unbeatable at Beer Pong

Humans are no match for the Versaball Bot.
Humans are no match for the Versaball Bot. –AP

Next time you need a beer pong partner, consider the Versaball Bot. You’ll have to do 100% of your team’s drinking duties, but your partner will be pretty much automatic.

Using sensor technology, the Versaball Bot uses its trademark green Versaball sphere to pick up the ball and launch a perfect shot into the desired cup with its mechanical arm. In the (very rare) event that it misses, the robot can recalibrate its target and aim accordingly.

Boston-based tech company Empire Robotics designed the robot and its gripping technology for “a broad range of applications.’’ However, none of those applications include drinking beer, as the robot has no mouth.


The Versaball Bot has been taking on all challengers at the Consumer Electronics Show this week.

Check out the video to see the Versaball Bot in action.

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