Real Salt Lake player sets MLS back years with blooper play

Let’s be honest, Major League Soccer has taken some majorleaps in becoming a quality, competitive domestic soccer league. It’s been years since the MLS has legitimately been the joke some would like you to think.

But, man, sometimes they make it real hard.

For some context, that’s Real Salt Lake defender Luke Mulholland attempting to clear a ball off his own goalline in Sunday’s game against Sporting Kansas City. However, he was apparently oblivious to two facts: (1) the ball was already behind the goal, and (2) the goal post.

If you’re having a long day or need some cheering up, feel free to mute the above video, play this link in a separate tab, and repeatedly watch Mulholland bouncing off the post.


h/t to The Cauldron for the Vine.

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