People go head over heels for bubble soccer in Boston

Bubble soccer bursts on the scene in Boston

Video by Steve Silva

Visitors to Boston Common took part in a flash game of bubble ball soccer Tuesday afternoon. (By Steve Silva, Staff)

There’s probably no danger of summer softball games going away anytime soon, but bubble soccer just might be the next big thing Boston.

On Tuesday, Boston Common was the site of a full-contact soccer game played in giant plastic bubbles in a free event hosted by Social Boston Sports and BubbleBall Me.

Passersby at the baseball field on the corner of Boylston and Charles Street strapped into bubble soccer suits and played in 5-on-5 games with other Bostonians.

Bubble soccer gets serious at the corner of Boylston and Charles Street on the Boston Common. —The Boston Globe

It was a chance to hurl yourself at someone without getting hurt.

“People get pretty sweaty, pretty tired,’’ said Gabriel LaRusso, founder of BubbleBall Me. “It’s kind of like soccer, but once you’re inside a bubble, all the strategy that you have normally for soccer is pretty much out the window because no matter how big or small you are, the bubble pretty much democrotizes everybody. You can knock anybody over no matter what size you are.’’

In a roll over mode is Dina Ulwick from Whitman. —The Boston Globe

For most, this was their first chance seeing and playing a sport that has been gaining popularity.

“This was a chance for us to bring one of the newest and most fun sports we’ve ever done to the general public,’’ said Justin Obey, the president of Social Boston Sports. “We had such tremendous feedback when we introduced the sport to our members, that we wanted to provide the rest of Boston with the opportunity to play.’’

On July 25, Social Boston Sports and BubbleBall Me will continue their bubble soccer tournament series with an eight-team, three-game round robin tournament followed by an eight-team single elimination bracket. Games are co-ed and played 5-on-5. Registration is available at

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