Catch ‘Jurassic World Tour Live’ at the Agganis Arena

Dinosaurs and performers roam the stage in this performance based on the "Jurassic Park" franchise.

The Agganis Arena at Boston University will be transformed into Isla Nublar for performances of "Jurassic World Live." Courtesy of Jurassic World Live Tour.

“Jurassic World Tour Live” comes to Boston this spring, bringing a live, family-friendly show featuring animatronic dinosaurs to the Agganis Arena at Boston University.

Feld Entertainment, the creators of “Disney on Ice,” bring “Jurassic World Tour Live” to life, featuring spellbinding scenery and lights, costumed performers, and some of the franchise’s most iconic dinos, like Blue the Raptor, a Stegosaurus, a Triceratops, and a 40-foot Tyrannosaurus rex. 

The audience takes a journey as the arena is turned into Isla Nublar. An Indominus rex wreaks havoc when it escapes from the park, and a team of scientists unravel a villain’s plan and save Troodon dino Jeanie. An environmental seating section on the floor makes the experience even more immersive.


The production runs about 1 hour and 50 minutes, including a 15 to 20 minute intermission. Advance tickets for preferred customers are on sale through Oct. 25, after which date tickets go on sale to the general public.

The show runs in Boston from March 31 to April 9, and tickets are on sale at

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