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Attend The Runway Witch Fashion Show featuring local drag performers

The show will include “everything dramatic and a bit witchy.”

The Runway Witch Fashion Show takes place Oct. 9. Eric Richard Magnussen

Need some Halloween inspiration? Local drag queen Binx will host a fashion show with all original creations, modeled by local drag performers. And after the show, attendees will have the opportunity to dance the night away.

The show will include “everything dramatic and a bit witchy,” according to Binx, who says outfits range from corsets to gowns to capes to fun skirts. 

“I’m currently focusing on more feminine silhouettes with a dark color palette,” Binx said. “Most of the collection will be black paired with reds, silver, white and some navy. I do want this to feel a bit Halloweeny without feeling like you’re watching a costume show.” 

A video of last year’s Runway Witch Fashion Show

Binx’s inspiration for these styles include Alexander McQueen and Mugler, along with fashion shows and documentaries. 


“Of course when I was a kid I was always inspired by the villains and more sinister women in movies and TV that I’d see! They always had the best outfits,” Binx said. “Glenn Close as Cruella will always be one of my biggest inspirations that I still today am always in some way pulling from.” 

This 18+ event takes place at The Crystal Ballroom on Oct. 9. Doors open at 7 p.m., and the show starts at 8 p.m. with an afterparty. 

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