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Transport yourself into works of art at Imagine Van Gogh

A colorful immersive exhibit lands at the SoWa Power Station through February 2022.

Swirls and stars at the immersive Imagine Van Gogh exhibit at SoWa Power Station. Laurence Labat

Imagine transporting yourself deep inside the work of one of the most famous artists of all time. Perhaps you would choose to lounge in a field of Van Gogh’s sunflowers or make a wish on the twinkle of a starry night. Soon you can. Well, sort of.

Spanning more than 24,000 square feet of the iconic SoWa Power Station from Dec. 21 to Feb. 20, 2022, Imagine Van Gogh brings you into the heart of the swirling brushstrokes and dazzling color of this influential Post-Impressionist Dutch painter. The SoWa Art + Design District location of this immersive exhibition (it’s held in what was once the world’s largest power generation plant) is the perfect place to experience the powerful emotion behind paintings such as the iconic “The Starry Night,” “Irises,” and “Sunflowers.” Accompanied by music from great composers Saint-Saëns, Mozart, Bach, Delibes, and Satie, more than 200 of Van Gogh’s original canvasses are expanded and fragmented, then projected into unusual shapes within the space to emphasize the mesmerizing exaggerations. You’re truly entering the artist’s world of dreams.

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