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Experience 100 gecs and the forefront of hyperpop

Straight off of TikTok and into the Royale.

100 gecs. Courtesy

Perhaps all you need to know to want to know more about the TikTok famous turned hyperpop mainstream sensation is best summed up by this Daily Californian article: “100 gecs catapulted into even greater popularity with a July remix album, 1000 Gecs and the Tree of Clues, featuring artists such as Charli XCX, Injury Reserve and Fall Out Boy. This, along with the band’s popular TikTok sounds, has sparked a conversation often led with the question: What the hell is this?”

Whatever it is, they have a sold out show in Boston — and another album (you guessed it: “10000 gecs”) on the way.


100 Gecs, put simply, are now the popular forefront of hyperpop, with Pitchfork succinctly describes as “a subgenre that unspools the tightly fused scaffolding of mainstream pop and holds it up to a funhouse mirror.”

“The 23-minute record is like throwing digital glass in a blender, but is still somehow endearingly melodic, filled with songs so hooky they could get stuck in a toddler’s head,” the music news website wrote of the duo’s ‘1,000 Gecs.’ “It quickly attracted a following of listeners who felt like they belonged to a sort of secret society, one that understood an unspoken language of cohesive haphazardness.”

Everything here points to a promising show.

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