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Chicano Batman continues its evolution

But the California-based band is still bringing its all.

Bardo Martinez of Chicano Batman performs onstage on July 23, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for FYF

Never before has Chicano Batman sounded like this.

The multi-genre band, with fingers in funk to pschelic soul, from California comes to the Paradise on the heels of its fourth album, last year’s “Invisible People.”

And in the band’s continuing evolution, there remains this constant: it’s clear Chicano Batman is still bringing its all.

As Pitchfork put it, the latest release offers a gateway into the group’s catalogue, while being optimistic and “rooted in love.”

“They’ve ditched their most distinctive visual elements, like the wedding-band-chic of their matching ruffled suits—an homage to Latin ballad groups of the ’60s and ’70s—as well as Bardo’s shoulder-length mane,” Matthew Ismael Ruiz writes. “But while they may have shed some of the quirks that made them unique, Invisible People is far and away Chicano Batman’s most accessible record, with big, clean hooks to match definitive statements. A decade into writing songs together, they sound stronger than ever.”


The band’s shift was a conscious one for its members.

“Everybody realized that [the best approach was] bringing our different perspectives together to create something fresher than what we have been doing in the past and it was exciting for us,” guitarist Carlos Arévalos told Remezcla last year. “If I laid back and played what I was comfortable with, the result wouldn’t be fresh and different. It was about limitless possibilities and that made everything new for us.”

Chicano Batman plays the Paradise on Dec. 13.

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