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Enjoy an evening with Cowboy Junkies

The Canadian quartet presents new and old songs at Cary Hall on April 14.

The Cowboy Junkies. Courtesy Photo

Cowboy Junkies, the Canadian alt-rock quartet who have been cranking out albums and constantly touring for three-and-a-half decades, are finally back on the road after the pandemic got in the way of the ill-timed release of their newest album, “Ghosts,” in March 2020.

The Timmons siblings — singer Margo, guitarist Michael, and drummer Peter, along with their longtime pal and bassist Alan Anton — will be featuring songs from that album, which is a bit more electric than their earlier, rootsier, folkier albums upon which they built their reputation and fan base. But that’s not to say that there won’t be plenty of laid-back moments emanating from the stage. The song “(You Don’t Get to) Do It Again” rocks out, but “Breathing” harkens back to their more tranquil side.


That shouldn’t be a surprise to those fans. The band has been all over the place musically, starting with the blues ambience of their debut album “Whites Off Earth Now!!” From there, it’s been a genre-twisting ride through country, folk, rock, and a just a taste of jazz. But anyone paying attention to the sound of the band, especially the distinctive vocals of Margo Timmons — whether it’s a Michael Timmons original or a cover of Lou Reed’s “Sweet Jane,” a barebones production or one with lots of instrumentation — unmistakably knows they’re listening to Cowboy Junkies.

This is a band that uses a lot of moving parts and pays homage to the influences of all four members, but Cowboy Junkies will always be one of a kind.

This show was originally scheduled for Feb, 6, 2022.

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