Lock in wintertime coziness with a candle-making workshop

This workshop is open to all levels of experience.

A candle making workshop in progress The House of Art and Craft

This candle making workshop at The House of Art and Craft in Boston is open to all levels of experience, and, and attendees will come out one scented candle richer. 

This two-and-a-half hour workshop includes:

  1. Multiple choices for fragrances
  2. A 12-ounce glass jar that can later be repurposed
  3. A soy wax blend
  4. Wicks (a choice of double or crackling wooden)
  5. A discount on The House of Art and Craft retail store the day of the workshop
  6. Wine

The candles will need to cure overnight, so attendees will have to collect them the following business day or can choose to have them shipped. 

Attendees are requested to arrive early so they have ample time to pick out vessels, pour out a drink, and converse. 

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