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King Richard’s Faire returns to Carver

Jesters, jousters, and axe throwing, oh my.

A brave knight jousts against his opponent during a previous King Richard's Faire.

Deep in the woods in Carver, an enchanting village known as Carvershire awaits — where royalty strolls alongside minstrels and jesters, knights battle on horseback, and kissing wenches steal smooches from unsuspecting victims. King Richard’s Faire returns for its 41st season of entertainment, exciting rides, skilled games (yes, there will be axe throwing and archery), meals of spit-roasted giant turkey legs and mead, and more. Walk through the gates and back in time to the Renaissance period, as hundreds of entertainers (think acrobats, aerialists, jugglers, minstrels, fire eaters, and puppeteers) perform non-stop throughout the day on vibrant stages and meander on the property’s winding paths. Talented artisans will also hawk their wares of glass blowing, portrait painting, hand-spun pottery, sword making, and more. Guests can come in period costume or wear modern day attire.


Walk-up tickets are cash only at the box office.

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