Seaport Sweat returns for spring and summer fitness

"It’s a great showing of community here in the Seaport, and across Boston too."

One of the Seaport Sweat classes. WS Development

With coats and layers coming off for the warmer weather, Seaport Sweat, Boston’s largest free outdoor workout series returns to help folks get outdoors and get in shape. 

Now in its seventh season, Seaport Sweat will bring nearly 200 classes to Boston’s Seaport District, from May 2 through Sept. 29, but it is not only the city’s biggest free outdoor workout series by the number of classes, but also by attendees.

“Even last year we averaged about 100 per class,” said Claire Kilcullen, assistant marketing manager for events at WS Development, which manages the Seaport District. “We’re hoping to get back to pre-COVID numbers this year, which was around 200 [during the week] to about 300 on Saturdays, which are the busiest classes. We hope to hit 400 attendees this year.”


Held on Seaport Common, situated between Seaport Boulevard and Northern Avenue, space isn’t a problem Kilcullen said, “We usually teach on one side of the common, but we can teach to the entirety if we need to. 

“It’s a great showing of community here in the Seaport, and across Boston too,” she added.

Seaport Sweat

Kilcullen doesn’t sit at a desk and simply organize though. She has already attended classes with each instructor booked for the series in order to create a balanced and varied program. Then, like most people, she truest keep to a fitness routine and attend classes on the common: “I try to go to at least one of each class,” Kilcullen said.

Although registration is encouraged, the classes don’t require much more than attendees just showing up.  

“Our instructors are passionate about access to fitness,” Kilcullen said. “None of our classes require equipment, but if you’ve got a yoga mat you are welcome to bring it.” 

Seaport Sweat, she stressed, is all-inclusive, and caters to any gender.

“It’s funny to see businessmen in their suits and construction workers walking by and they will stop and strike a yoga pose or two,” she laughed. 


Boston’s DJ Sprino will spin at each class, switching the music up or down in tempo to fit the pace, which ranges from Peaches Guaranteed with Rob Velasquez — bank on leaving with a sore lower body, Kilcullen advised — to Mindful Warrior Yoga with Edwin Frias. “That one is more meditative, very Zen,” she said.

One of the most popular classes is Zumba with Nicole Derosiers. “That’s a highlight on a Thursday night,” Kilcullen said. “You can get your dance on and then grab drinks in the neighborhood.”

Nicole Derosiers

“We’re looking forward, (to) get back to that sense of community,” Kilcullen said. “We held some virtual classes and then some hybrid virtual and in-person. But we welcome enjoying the time together. Outdoor fitness classes continue to be more popular, even with people’s varying comfort levels. It’s another great way to enjoy the summer.”

Seaport Sweat at Seaport Common, 85 Northern Ave., Boston. Runs Mondays through Thursdays, 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., and Saturdays at 10 a.m. Register at


Mondays5:30 p.m.Peaches Guaranteed with Rob Velasquez
Mondays6:30 p.m.Yoga Sculpt with Dani Ferreira
Tuesdays5:30 p.m.Sculpt that sASS with Alanna Perry
Tuesdays6:30 p.m.Abs & Body with Becca One Checca
Wednesdays5:30 p.m.Athletic Conditioning with Michael Soares
Wednesdays6:30 p.m.Pilates Fusion with Britney Willingham
Thursdays5:30 p.m.Zumba with Nicole Derosiers
Thursdays6:30 p.m.Mindful Warrior Yoga with Edwin Frias


May 710 a.m.Broncore Bootcamp with Bron Volney
May 1410 a.m.Yoga & Movement with lululemon
May 2110 a.m.Kick It By Eliza with Eliza Shirazi
May 2810 a.m.Sweat with OV with Outdoor Voices
June 1110 a.m.Powered By Pride with Equinox
June 2510 a.m.Kick it By Eliza with Eliza Shirazi
July 910 a.m.Yoga & Movement with lululemon
July 1610 a.m.The Cut! with Equinox
July 2310 a.m.Sweat with OV with Outdoor Voices
July 3010 a.m.Kick It By Eliza with Eliza Shirazi
Aug. 610 a.m.EQX Barre Burn with Equinox
Aug. 1310 a.m.Yoga & Movement with lululemon
Aug. 2010 a.m.Kick It By Eliza with Eliza Shirazi
Aug. 2710 a.m.Sweat with OV with Outdoor Voices
Sept. 1710 a.m.Kick It By Eliza with Eliza Shirazi
Sept. 2410 a.m.Broncore Bootcamp with Bron Volney

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