A fantastical Beauty and the Beast cocktail party is coming to Boston

Dancing, drinks, magic, and more await at this interactive experience.

Beauty and the Beast Hidden Media Network
Lace up your loveliest Victorian garments and go inside an enchanted castle at the latest interactive cocktail experience taking over Boston. Photo courtesy of Hidden Media Network

Before the last rose petal falls, check out this enchanted Beauty and the Beast-themed adventure in Boston. 

A theatrical, alternative reality takes over the downstairs level of The Merchant Kitchen & Drinks from January 12 until March 20, 2023, transforming the restaurant’s usual private-events space into the enchanted — some may say cursed — castle from the iconic fairytale. Based on the story by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, the Beauty and the Beast Cocktail Experience is a theater performance, escape room, and dessert bar all in one. (The Merchant is open for dining and drinks as usual on the main floor.)


For 90 minutes, ticketholders will craft two themed cocktails, be invited to dance and revel with the whimsical residents of the palace, and solve riddles and challenges to lift the curse and escape the enchanted castle. Tickets include a welcome drink plus two bespoke cocktails, a sweet treat, and an unforgettable hour-and-a-half of charm and carousal. Victorian cocktail attire is encouraged.

Boston’s Beauty and the Beast Cocktail Experience is produced by Hidden Media Network, known for bringing immersive, interactive alternate reality experiences to venues across the country. There will be multiple sessions offered each day of the residency, including select family-friendly matinee performances. Tickets are non-refundable, but they are transferable.

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